The Role of Chaplains in a Disaster

Here is a a Youtube video on the topic:

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Workshop for Faith Leaders – NYC area on April 4th

Citizen Corps, in partnership with FEMA, is happy to announce our upcoming workshop Protecting Our Communities: An Emergency Planning Workshop for Faith Leaders. Please register here, and see below for more information:


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Security Guidance for Houses of Worship

The Secure Community Network provides safety and security guidance for Jewish and other Houses of Worship.p

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Excellent Newsletter

For a wide array of important resources, see the Feb. issue of the newsletter done by the National Disaster Interfaiths Network in New York City.

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Telephone Terrorism at Jewish Institutions

From CNN on February 16th, this article:”Telephone Terrorism” Has Rattled 48 Jewish Centers. Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Updates:  As of Feb. 28th:  Five waves of terror calls.  And 100 incidents so far.  As of March 1, here is a map of locations threatened.

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Bomb Threat Guidance

Today, Jan. 9th, Jewish institutions in six states received bomb threats.  Here is some guidance from the NY Jewish Community Relations Council on how to hand them:

From David Pollack at the NYCRC: To my knowledge there were bomb threats to Jewish institutions in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Guidance from DHS, JCRC-NY and others.

For information about how to plan and respond to bomb threats see the page, including:

From the NYTimes on Jan. 10th, another account of the events of the day.

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Sanctuaries for Immigrants

From the NY Times on Dec. 27: Houses of Worship Are Poised to Serve As Trump-Era Immigrant Sanctuaries. 


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Resources for Protecting Houses of Worship are on this Website

I just heard on the evening news that emergency management officials are concerned that ISIS may be targeting houses of worship.  The purpose of this website is to share as many resources as we could gather over the past two years to help secure HOWs.

If you have any questions re resources, contact the webmaster.

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Beware of Ransomware

This information from the Jewish Community Relations Council of NY: Ransomware, Lessons Learned.


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Houses of Worship Offer Sanctuary

Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants after election.
Growing number of synagogues as well as two dozen cities offer protection amid threat of deportation under Trump administration

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