Exercises and Training

May 2015. Arlington County OEM and the Catholic Diocese of Arlington(VA) conducted two training programs. The first one was titled Minimizing Operational Disruptions, and the second one was titled Safe Worship. Here is a copy of the Agenda, the List of Websites and Apps, and additional content provided on a flash disk drive. One of the key presentation Slide Sets is included here.

April 2016: Arlington County OEM and the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington and the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington conducted a training program titled Protect and Prevent at the No. VA Jewish Community Center in Fairfax, VA. Here is a copy of the Agenda and also a special List of Websites and Apps, which may be useful for emergency situations.

May 2015: Arlington County Training Program for House of Worship. At the May 19th Faith-Based Recovery Resource Capacity Training for houses of worship, sponsored by the Arlington County,VA, Office of Emergency Management, a handbook was given to all participants. The contents of the handbook are available for download here:

(1) Training Agenda

(2) Index for Training Handbook

(2) Handbook Contents (This is an 52 page file.)

(3) Presenters and Their Presentations -full slide deck

  • Charlotte Franklin, Public Private Partnerships, Arlington OEM
  • Jack Brown, Director, Arlington OEM
    Emergency Management in Arlington County
  • Claire Rubin,  Project Staff, Arlington OEM
    Definitions, Terms, and Concepts in Emergency Management
  • Jessica Adams, American Red Cross
    Levels of Readiness 
  • Debbie Powers, Community Outreach, Arlington OEM
    Congregation Preparedness Exercise
  • Michael Gowen, Batallion Chief, Arlington Fire Dept.
    Mitigating Risks to Facilities
  • Robert Medairos, Lt., Arlington Police Dept.
    Mitigating Risks to Congregation
  • Lorra Michelle Breeland, Voluntary Agency Liaison, FEMA Region III
    Disaster Response
  • Marcus Coleman, Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, US DHS
    Whole Community -Partnerships are Important
  • Grelia Steele, Outreach and Volunteers, Arlington OEM
    Volunteer Management and Organizing
  • Lissa Westerman, Emergency Specialist, Arlington Public Health
    Public Health
  • Exercises (3)


Additional Resources:

New  Game: Extreme Event: Role Playing Community Resilience, from the National Academy of Sciences.

This new role playing game, designed for adults and teens, is aimed at increasing awareness of what it takes to build community resilience. The game can be an engaging and challenging addition to community meetings, volunteer training activities, classroom units, extracurricular clubs, and more. Materials and instructions on how to run the game are provided at no cost online.


rev. 7/18

2 Responses to Exercises and Training

  1. Dr. Gary L Weinberg says:

    I chair Howard County’s Jewish Federation of HC’s Security Preparedness Program. I would welcome these training options for our Jewish Families in Howard County.




    • recoverydiva says:

      Hello Gary: Our audience was mainly synagogues and some Jewish Day Schools. We have a flash disk drive with copies of the presentations, speaker bios, and other supplementary materials. We could share that with you — it is a lot of files and info, but perhaps we could set up a Dropbox account to transmit them.

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