General Guidance:

  • Tina Lewis Rowe (2018). Worship Without Worry, including a section on The Role of Ushers and Greeters (182 pages).

Tip Sheets on specific topics. Here are two examples:

  • Guidance and Tip Sheets from Bloomington, MN
  • From the National Disaster Interfaiths Network: N-DIN Tip Sheets.  These tips sheets are short and very practical; they have been endorsed by the Red Cross.

Two Field Guides from the NDIS and USCD.  The National Disaster Interfaiths Network and the USC Dornsife, Center for Religion and Civic Culture have produced two excellent field guides for faith-based organizations dealing with crises, disasters, and public health emergencies:

Special thanks to Peter Gudaitis of NYDIS for these links.


Additional resources, with focus on Faith Community Disaster Preparedness Workshop – Business Continuity-(2003)


From the Jewish Community Relations Council of NY, High-Holiday-Security-Thinkplate-2014

Rev. 10/18

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