Active Shooter

Lately, more people are taking steps to prepare for the possibility of dealing with an active shooter.  Sorry to say, incidents of lone wolf actors/terrorists seem to be proliferating.

The Dept. of Homeland Security and other official sources have provided some video and other guidance. Some examples:

See also these resources:

See this account in the Homeland Security Digital Library on recent reports dealing with Improving Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response

Rev. 7/18

2 Responses to Active Shooter

  1. Christian says:

    Important resources in light of the recent, tragic shootings in Charleston and after the shootings at the Oak Creek Sikh temple in 2012. Another important area to consider for houses of worship when developing preparedness/response/recovery plans in the event of an active shooter is for mental health. Such incidents have a high likelihood of resulting in distress, trauma, and other mental health concerns among those affected (including loved ones, first responders, the entire faith community even if they weren’t present at the time of the incident, and others within the same faith across the country, as such incidents targeting ‘their own’ can trigger strong feelings of vicarious distress). The Disaster Distress Helpline is a program of the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and offers 24/7 confidential emotional support throughout all phases of natural and human-caused disasters. For more information about distress risk factors, warning signs, and resources for coping following incidents of mass violence, visit

  2. recoverydiva says:

    Thanks for sharing that information. I have given your site a plug on my other blog,

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