Completed Training for Houses of Worship – May 19

On May 19, Arlington County’s Office of Emergency Management hosted the Faith-Based Recovery Resource Capacity Training for houses of worship in the county.  This is the first of 4 training sessions to be offered in No. Virginia. Here is the rationale for the training:

Major incidents occur without warning. The time to consider what might be expected is NOW.

Predictably, immediately after every major disaster
• Local, state, and federal assistance is delayed.
• Supply lines are interrupted and vital resource supplies become scarce.
• Places-of-worship/non-profits mobilize providing life-saving resources.
• Neighborhoods can be devastated.

Using table-top exercises, training modules and open discussions, this event is designed to support faith-based organizations:
• be better prepared to withstand emergencies
• be more aware of emergency planning resources available
• strengthen capacities to continue providing services after any event
• organize volunteers more effectively
• efficiently more exercise emergency plans
• understand the role they play in community disaster recovery

We have uploaded the handbook of resources given to the attendees on the page of this site marked Exercises and Training. The agenda, contents, and presentations are available on that page.

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