New England Churches in Jeopardy After Record Snow

Although Presbyterian churches are the focus of this article, I would expect that places of worship of all denominations may have similar problems.  “Winter storms could spell doom for some churches.” Presbyterian Disaster Assistance attempts to mitigate damages .

Confronting what one meteorologist has called a “once every 26,000 years” event, New Englanders are reeling from the cumulative effect of multiple winter storms that have dumped more than 100 inches of snow within a 30-day period. And it may not be over. More snow is expected this week, making a critical situation even worse. Coupled with frigid temperatures that have not allowed thawing, these storms may have long-term implications for the future survival of Presbyterian congregations in Boston and northern New England.

“We could see churches cease to exist because of these storms. It could result in 20 or more church closings, nearly a third of Presbyterian congregations in the area,” says Cindy Kohlmann, resource presbyter for the Presbyteries of Boston and Northern New England. “These are churches that have vibrant congregations but don’t have the resources to deal financially with the issues brought about by the snow and cold temperatures.”

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